A Racer's Mission to Serve

A Racer's Mission to Serve

(April 10, 2024)

The middle of April usually means knocking the dust off the #55 Rocket XR1 for Campbellsville, KY native, Collin Watson. Watson started his racing career just five years ago and is coming off a 2023 season that included 10 top five finishes and his second career win at Camden (TN) Speedway. Despite an accident at Rockcastle Speedway, which left the rear clip of his race car destroyed, the 2023 season was the best of his young career. Following his strong performance from a year ago, Watson has a lot to look forward to, but it will have to wait.

The reason: a bigger mission is at hand. Deployed since December 2023, Watson is the Executive Officer for Alpha Battery 1-623D Field Artillery Regiment (FAR), based out of Tompkinsville, KY. His unit is currently deployed to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Spartan Shield. Their objective is to reinforce the United States’ enduring commitment to the security and territorial defense of allies and partners in the region. He will return to the United States in October 2024. 

Watson has served with the Kentucky Army National Guard for the past 7 years. “I have always felt a calling to serve my country and community. Being in the National Guard allows me to help out my state in times of natural disasters and unrest. I am proud to serve the citizens of Kentucky and the United States of America,” says Watson of his time serving our state and country. 

He says the toughest part about this mission is being away from his family and friends. “I feel like I am separated from everything and everyone I love. I’m missing out on holidays and important life events. It makes it difficult at times. Missing out on things like traveling with my wife, racing and hunting while I’m deployed. Missing out on things like this are very difficult for me.” Collin and Sydney were married in November of 2022 after being together for more than 8 years. They celebrated their 1 year anniversary a month prior to Collin’s deployment. “Being away from her makes it tough,” he acknowledges. He also knows that what he’s doing is important to the safety and security of our country, “I am proud to serve and make that sacrifice.” 

He plans to be back behind the wheel later this season. “We will hit some late season races when I get home to see if I can still half-way drive,” Watson states with a laugh. The power plant for the car he calls “Black Betty” is currently being freshened and will be ready to go when he returns home in October. The team will also hit some big races in Tennessee in November and has huge plans for 2025. Until October, he’ll be far away from our local dirt tracks while serving our country, because that is this racer’s mission to serve. Before long though, Collin Watson will be back at home smashing the loud pedal and we cannot wait to see it. 

BY Josh Chasteen 

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Collin, Thank you for your service. You are such an amazing young man to select to serve and to offer such a personal sacrifice for all of us by defending our country. May the Lord continue to bless you. 🙏🏼 Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In ALL YOUR WAYS, trust Him and He WILL direct your paths.” ♥️ Kennedy’s Nana

Angi Yarbrough (Kennedys Nana)

Collin, thank you so much for your service!!
Asher and I can’t wait to watch you smash the loud pedal in November 🇺🇸🏁

Vicki Murray

We are so proud of you Collin Watson! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We look forward to you being back home with your family and friends racing soon!

Be safe!

Brandon, Amanda, and Baker Cox

Brandon, Amanda, and Baker Cox

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